Webinar: Extranets in SharePoint and Office 365 April 2016

​​​Wednesday, April 20, 2016

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

SharePoint is a great tool for collaborating, whether you use the on premise versions or Office 365. Using Extranet User Manager (EUM) to extend this collaboration beyond the users in your organization to external parties is what we will be covering in this webinar.​

We've been busy releasing new versions of EUM this year, with more queued t​o come out shortly. During this session, we will use real-world customer scenarios to show the following:

  • Branded and customized registration and login process
  • Federation with other Office 365 tenants through the Azure B2B service
  • Federation with Microsoft, Google, and Facebook for single sign-on
  • Login with email for external users and automatic login for internal users​
  • Fully responsive experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile end users
  • Management of external user's passwords
    • Welcome email to set the initial password
    • Forgotten password reset
    • Text and phone multi-factor authentication for additional security
    • ​Password expiry and forced change
  • Auditing of user setup and profile, group membership, login history, and acceptance of disclaimers
  • Delegation of approvals and user management, both within the organization and externally​​

​About the Speaker

Peter Carson, President of Extranet User Manager and a Microsoft MVP, is a recognized expert in Office 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies.

Read Peter's​ full bio and learn more by following his blog.