EUM Platform 6.0.8364.1

Version: 6.0.8364.1

Release Date: November 28, 2022


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Extranet User Manager

  • New EUM Managers Group for Business Users
    1. Members are EUM Administrators
    2. Azure AD Administrator privileges (Global, User, Group) not necessary
    3. Allows for EUM Administrators group to be dedicated to technical administrators
    4. EUM Admin can be provided with optional access to Azure AD EUM Resource Group for enhanced client support 
  • Enhanced security for EUM Admin Power BI Dashboard Reports
    1. Implementation of RLS (row-level security) to enable security trimming by roles as follows:
      • EUM Administrator or EUM Manager see all EUM Groups and AAD users
      • Group Owners or Membership Managers see all groups they own or manage and all members of those groups
      • Users, whether Member or Guest, see EUM groups they belong to and themselves as a user
      • Everyone – all authenticated users see the report



  • Support for separate CMS/Live (Published) sites
  • Built in support for Authenticating users in the Portal Content Author group 
  • Optional Approval workflow for Publishing of Content
  • Optional Scheduling of Publishing of Content
  • Publisher Developer Mode: Enables fill Publish for local development



  • Multilingual support 
    1. Ability to set enabled languages in dedicated Suite Languages list
    2. Enabled languages display in Language Picker
    3. Multilingual branding including header, footer, login, page content
    4. Multilingual email templates managed through a dedicated library 
      • Dynamic rendering of group/user information
      • Dynamic rendering of custom client fields
      • Multilingual Subject and Body