Extranet User Manager 6.0.7984.2

Version: 6.0.7984.2

Release Date: November 10, 2021

Download: https://www.extranetusermanager.com/SecureDownloads/EUM-Installer-6.0.7984.2.zip

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Release Details:

Initial release of the User Manager Version 6 product within the EUM Platform. Version 6 has a simplified architecture that is built utilizing the Microsoft Graph API, SharePoint and Logic Apps. EUM Admin reads and writes directly against Azure Active Directory users and groups. This simplifies the installation and configuration of the product and provides the greater flexibility to meet our clients need. 

Release includes deployment of EUM Admin interface which allows you to:

  • Send customized invitation emails on a per-group basis
  • Invitie and manage all guest users within the tenant
  • Manage Azure AD Security Groups through EUM Admin
  • Assign Group Owners to EUM Groups
    • Must be a member in the underlying tenant
  • Assign a Manager to a guest user account - Can be either a member or guest user in the underlying tenant
  • Add guest users to SharePoint Group when added to EUM Group to ensure guest users gain instant access