Extranet User Manager 6.0.8262.3

Version: 6.0.8262.3

Release Date: August 18, 2022

Download: https://www.extranetusermanager.com/SecureDownloads/EUM-Installer-6.0.8262.3.zip

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User Manager

  • Registration Starter forms
    • Registration Minimal
    • Registration Static Simple Address
    • Registration Static Full
    • Registration Knockout
    • Registration Dynamic
  • User Search improvements
  • Power BI Paginated Report Support
  • Reports rollup template and page


  • Automation of PublisherJSON file
  • Application Insights Support

Bug Fixes

  • Updating members for SharePoint groups that contain & in name
  • Consistent date formatting
  • Creating user that contains apostrophe in email
  • Changing an email of a user was incorrectly reporting error in some cases