Extranet User Manager 4.1.7340.1

Version: 4.1.7340.1

Release Date: February 07, 2020


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​​​Release Details​​​

New Features

  • EUM Groups SPFx webpart
    • This webpart displays all the groups that the current logged in user is a member of, previously requested access to, and may join.
  • Updated EUM Group Members SPFx webpart
    • This webpart displays all the groups that are associated with the current site URL it is placed on.  It will show all groups and members of those corresponding groups.
    • Group owners have the ability to add new / existing users, as well as approve/reject pending requests to join the group from within webpart. 
    • This webpart first released in an earlier version, initially named as the EUM Groups webpart, but have now renamed it to "EUM Group Members.
    • We've updated it to include the following features:
      • Ability to specify column widths for each of the fields (Email, Telephone, Organization)
      • Ability to restrict member views

Database Version​​

  • Database version has been updated to 4.19