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Extranet User Manager is a product that can be regarded as very diversified with an extensive level of capabilities. Typically, EUM is implemented in two primary scenarios, EUM Native and EUM B2B. EUM Native involves the product being used as a federated identity provider for authentication and single sign on capability. EUM B2B on the other hand integrates with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory Business to Business (Azure AD B2B), providing enhanced onboarding functionalities and user authentication.

Extranet Publisher, a sibling product of Extranet User Manager allows you to share a full website hosted in Office 365 anonymously. Extranet Publisher is primarily intended for scenarios where content is needed to be published to a broad external user audience. And then there is our site provisioning, which automates the site creation process in Office 365.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Get that second layer of verification when users are signing in with multi-factor authentication from EUM. This makes the user accounts more secure by requiring a code that the user receives through a text message.

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Office 365

EUM creates and manages users and groups, but Azure Active Directory Business to Business is how the user signs in. This means you can use your Microsoft Office 365 credentials to sign in. One less password to remember.

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Free Trial

Our free trial can be a hosted or on-premises solution and you can test out the product for 15 days. Our sales staff would be happy to answer any questions, you can use our Drift chat in the bottom right corner.

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Extranet Publisher

Out of the box you cannot share an entire Office 365 website anonymously, but with Extranet Publisher you can leverage Azure websites to do this very cost effectively.