Extranet Publisher

Extranet Publisher is a new product from Envision IT.  It is intended for scenarios where you need to publish content to a broad external user audience. They don't need to collaborate, they just need to be able to easily consume that content. This could be your public website, or a private site you want to share securely with a particular audience.

While out of the box in Office 365 you can anonymously share individual documents, there is no way to share a whole site anonymously. With Extranet Publisher you can leverage Azure websites to do this very cost effectively.

Both our Envision IT (www.envisionit.com) and Extranet User Manager (www.extranetusermanager.com) sites are built using this technology.  For a customer scenario, please visit the OntarioMD customer case study on our Envision IT website.

The publishing model is illustrated in the diagram below.  The main elements are:

  • Publishing of documents and images
  • HTML translation and publishing of web pages
  • Term store navigation publishing
  • Sitemap.xml auto-generation
  • Generate rollups
  • Update CSS classes for image renditions
  • Upload alerts

Extranet Publisher
Part One - Overview


Extranet Publisher
Part Two - Technical Deep Dive


For pricing details, please visit the Extranet Publisher pricing page.