Externally share in Office 365 at the scale your business demands

Extranet User Manager allows IT to setup a robust and granular permission structure which enables the business stakeholders to then manage their own external users.

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How do we stack up to your options?

External Sharing in Office 365 supports ad-hoc collaboration but lacks structure at scale

Extranet User Manager provides a structured and customizable sharing experience that encourages delegation of user management to the business

Azure AD B2B provides access to larger user sets but discourages delegation to the business

Who are you?

IT Admin

  • IT can set user permissions in a structured way to address the business need
  • Self-registration eliminates the cumbersome account creation process
  • Security trimmed EUM Admin UI encourages delegation of user management to the business
  • Full audit logs of user administration maintained by EUM to meet regulatory requirements

Business User

  • Users can be added through EUM Admin UI or SPFx web part directly on SharePoint site eliminating IT wait times
  • Users can be made Group Owners which enables them to manage users within their group
  • Group Owners can send users email invites quickly

External User

  • Simple onboarding experience ensuring you gain access to the information you need
  • Able to register for additional groups that are publicly available
  • Self service updates to applicable external user profile information

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