Extranet User Manager 3.1.5857.3

Release Date:
January 14, 2016

Note: You need to register and activate an account on the site in order to download.

Release Details

New Features

  • HRD Administration Configuration Support for Windows Authentication
  • HRD Redirect to Windows authentication for each relying party (e.g. Landing, LandingAdmin)
  • The .sln file was moved up a level in the Extranet registration project, so that the packages folder (nuget) would be at the correct location.
  • Style the Thinktecture Sign out page to look like the Sign in page

Bug Fixes

  • Group view sites does not work
  • Installer throws SQL error upon new installation of duplicate record
  • Thinktecture fails to authenticate when empty username is passed via query string parameter

Known Issues

  • Authentication issue when trying to edit a document within Office 365 using a rich client (e.g.. desktop version of Word)