Extranet User Manager 4.0.6754.1

Release Date:
June 29, 2018

Note: You need to register and activate an account on the site in order to download.

Release Details

New Features

  • Cache
    • System Settings are Cached
    • Updates to System Settings force the cache to be reloaded
  • Membership Sync Tool
    • Updated to support EUM V4 Schema
    • Included in package
  • Updated Group Management on User Details
    • Multi-select groups to put users in within the pop-up
  • Host EUM applications within an Azure Web App
    • Host idsrv, landing, landingadmin, and the EUM API under one Azure Web Application
    • Install Configuration file supports Azure App properties
  • Bug Fixes
    • Login failure when Email Verification enabled
    • AD FS information lost during startup
    • Enhancements to signout process including removal of cookies


  • No Database Changes required