Extranet User Manager 4.1.6873.3

Release Date:
October 26, 2018

Note: You need to register and activate an account on the site in order to download.

Release Details

New Features

  • Support for SAML 2.0
  • Landing - .Net Core 2.1 application 
  • End user page URIs have changed 
    • /landing/forgot-password 
    • /landing/register 
    • /landing/change-password 
    • /landing/set-password 
    • /landing/my-profile 
    • /landing/index   - default page that is anonymous 
    • /landing/update-password 

  • Bug Fixes
    • Re-activating accounts generates new Subject Ids for user 
    • Azure B2B Groups not being properly assigned to users

Known Issues with Release

  • Available for Registration Approver Email is not working
  • ADFS is not supported as an External Provider with this SAML 2.0 Release
  • Unable to update Federation Clients settings past the initial creation of the client


  • EUM_V4_DB_Upgrade.sql – added 4.0C to 4.1 update step to be compatible with latest IdentityServer EntityFramework schema 
  • EUM DB Script now starts at EUM 4.1 for new installs