Avoid Teams sprawl!

Setup for success with Microsoft Teams by creating a simple yet structured process for requesting and automating the creation of Teams within your organization.

What is the value add?

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups are incredibly powerful productivity tools for modern collaboration! With default self-service turned on, they can also quickly get out of control.

This open source project maintains self-service, but adds a level of control and consistency. Approvals can only be required for certain types of requests, and power users can be auto-approved. Teams are pre-configured with templated tabs, tags, and channels. Templates are further integrated to support OneNote, Planner, and full SharePoint PnP site templates.

Owners still have control, IT has better governance, and everyone finds consistent Teams and Office 365 Groups easier to work in!

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Where do you go from here?

I want the technical bits. I have development resources on standby.

I am an awesome change agent, but do not have the development resources to support.

I know I want to avoid 'Teams Sprawl' but need guidance specific to my business case