We like to think of Extranet User Manager (EUM) as the entry point to any portal. It is incredibly important to have a holistic view of the end-to-end user onboarding and management experience. EUM has provided self registration and login functionalities for many different types of applications including;

EUM provides the ability for many different types of customizations and we often work collaboratively with clients to customize Extranet User Manager to fit their business. Some samples of EUM projects that are common between clients are:

  • Adding custom fields to the self registration
  • Direct look ups of attributes in another system of record
  • Building approval logic into the registration
  • Writing registration information to other systems (i.e. CRM, SAP)

  • Applying corporate branding on all end user pages
  • Extending the base EUM Landing application adding in additional pages
  • Linking to self registration off public website

  • Automating tasks within other systems triggered by EUM events
  • Integrating in Teams and Sites Provisioning processes
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP

Regardless of your requirements, we treat every EUM client as a unique opportunity and so do our trusted EUM Partners. To get started, connect with us and we are happy to work towards a solution that is going to meet all your external sharing needs!

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