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​​​The mission of Lassonde Industries Inc. is to be a North American leader in the production and marketing of food products that by their quality and variety contribute to the enjoyment and wellness of consumers.

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​​“We recommend Extranet User Manager as a business solution to other Food Product companies because it provides secure and stable access to manage food safety and risk management.”

​​Sylvain Sicard​,
Director of Business Applications


​Lassonde’s challenge was to find a solution that allowed external vendors secure access to private internal information to ensure the high quality of food production. Lassonde needed a solution that would manage security and access to at least 100+ external suppliers and this number is expected to grow to 300-400+ external users. Prior to implementing an extranet solution Lassonde managed their vendor relationship through phone and email. Phone and email were not a sustainable business solution because it failed to provide the proper tools to manage external vendor documents that were time sensitive. In the food industry the exchange of documents is based on an annual renewal period. Lassonde turned to Extranet User Manager (EUM) as an innovative business solution to provide a seamless extranet application process with services that would support a platform to self-manage with their external vendors.

The EUM Solution

​The decision to go with EUM turned out to be a success with Lassonde Industries and their external vendors being pleased with the results. SharePoint out of the box was “more of a container to aggregate all pages and documents”. The need to implement EUM was based on tools that would offer control over external users, such as user management paired with a friendly user login interface. EUM alleviated the pain of internal users having to type in their credentials by leveraging the EUM automatic login feature. EUM also gave Lassonde the capability to seamlessly create a username and password for each of their external user accounts. After one month of having EUM go live, Lassonde had the capability to create a new user using the client’s own email address. Using EUM, Lassonde was able to easily connect and manage all documents related to food safety and risks managements from a single platform. EUM gives Lassonde control over ingredient specification by driving suppliers to put documents into their internal system. Lassonde is then able to approve or reject these documents and manage the overall transformation of raw materials. EUM continues to present Lassonde with “big win” business results by delivering a business solution that manages the execution of time-sensitive documents in a secure environment with external vendors. 

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Lassonde is a North American leader in the development, production, and sales of fruit and vegetable based
drinks sold under the Oasis, Rougemont, and Flavür brands​​

Founded in 1918, Lassonde family business has always strived to offer consumers the highest quality food products

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