TSPUG: Building a Teams and SharePoint Provisioning Solution with SPFx, Logic Apps, Azure Automation, and PnP

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teams and sharepoint

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

6:30 - 8:00 PM EDT

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In this session, TSPUG President Peter Carson will use his open-source Teams Provisioning solution as an example of how to build a cloud-only integrated business process. The high-level points to be covered are:

  • A SharePoint Framework (SPFx) form web part to allow self-service requests for Teams and SharePoint sites
  • Submission of the form to a SharePoint list and Logic App workflow
  • Workflow approval and Azure Automation integration in Logic Apps
  • Proper structuring of a Logic App workflow to make deployment to different environments easy and manageable
  • Using PowerShell and the latest Patterns and Practices (PnP) open source in Azure Automation
  • Security best practices in Logic Apps and Azure Automation
  • Automating the packaging of the solution in an ARM template for easy deployment
  • Integrating the deployment into Azure DevOps and Continuous Integration deployment pipelines
  • Managing developer access to multiple Azure AD and Microsoft 365 tenants and Azure subscriptions for different environments (dev, test, prod)


6:30pm – Introductions and Q&A
7:00pm – Feature Presentation
8:00pm – Prizes and closing


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Peter Carson

Peter Carson, President of Extranet User Manager and a Microsoft MVP, is a recognized expert in Office 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. Read Peter's full bio and check out some of EUM's recent articles and blogs for all things Microsoft and extranet related.