aOS Canadian Tour 2017

aOS 2017  

​Microsoft Canada Headquarters

February 10, 2017​


The aOS Canadian ​Tour 2017 is a conference taking place in four different Canadian cities, over the course of one week. The conference begins on February 6th in Quebec City, then it will be in& Montreal, Ottawa, and finally in Toronto on February 10th. There will be over 60 sessions covering topics related to Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint with some of the most influential speakers from Europe and Canada. The speakers will share their knowledge on some of the most common challenges that organizations face when integrating these technologies into their digitization​ strategies. It is a free event that is targeted at both technical and non-technical ​​audiences.

Extranet User Manager is sponsoring the conference in Toronto! Come out to hear some informative ​talks from professionals with experience and expertise in all things Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint related.​​​​​​