Webinar: OntarioMD Launches New Azure Website And Extranet

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wednesday​, August 2, 2017​

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ED​T​​​​

​​OntarioMD (www.ontariomd.ca) is a government funded not for profit organization responsible for driving adoption of Electronic Medical Record systems by physicians in the province of Ontario, Canada.  Over 14,000 physicians are enrolled in its programs.  

In May 2017 OntarioMD launched its new public website.  Hosted as a Web App in Microsoft Azure, it leverages OntarioMD's existing Office 365 as the content management system.  A custom publishing process takes approved content and pushes it across to the public site in Azure.  This provides high availability and scalability at a very competitive price point.

As well as being a public website, the new site is also an Extranet.  Licensed physicians, residents, and medical students in the province can self-register on the site.  They can then sponsor their staff to create accounts on the site.  Access to secure content and apps is provided, including several OntarioMD apps authenticated through OpenID Connect.  This was delivered through a new version of Extranet User Manager built on Identity Server 4, due for general release later this summer.

Full case studies on both the Extranet and the Azure publishing can be found at the links below.

Extranet User Manager President Peter Carson will be joined by OntarioMD Director IT Services and Operations Peter Barrotti for the webinar, covering the following topics.

  • Overview of site functionality
    • Public website
    • Login and forgotten password
    • Secure Apps
    • User registration process
    • Sponsored user invitations
  • Business case for hosting in Azure
  • Content authoring and approvals in Office 365
  • Publishing process
  • Business results
  • Wrap-up and Q&A​​
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​​ Peter Carson

​About the Speaker​

Peter Carson, President of Extranet ​Us​er Manager and a ​Microsoft MVP, is a recognized exp​ert in Office 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. ​Read Peter's full bio and check out the EUM reso​urce section for our latest blogs and​ videos.