Webinar: Managing Modern Team Sites, Communication Sites, and Office 365 Groups

​​​​​​Tuesday, October 24, 2017

11 AM – 12 PM EST

Coming soon: We'll be publishing an open source project with the SharePoint list and PowerShell scripts used in this webinar by December 22, 2017. Check back for the updated info then.

Microsoft’s modern SharePoint experience has really begun to come together. We started with new lists and libraries, then team and c​ommunication sites, and finally Office 365 groups. Allowing anyone to create these sites is empowering, but it can also lead to an out of control environment. How do we put some organization and governance around this process, without stifling the creativity​?​​

Team Sites
Communication Sites

Many organizations have addressed this with some sort of site provisioning process. In this webinar, we’ll go through a simple method that you can adopt in your own organization. Site templates can be created and saved using the open source techniques Microsoft has published in their Office Dev PnP project. We build on that with a simple list and PowerShell script to allow users to request a new site, have it approved, and have the script create the site. We’ll show you how to schedule this so it happens automatically, and provide you the artifacts so you can do it ​yourself. We’ll also show you some customizations we’ve built on SharePoint Framework that allow you to use this site list to create deep hierarchical breadcrumbs for your sites, global navigation across your sites, and landing pages to navigate to related sites. We’ll compare this to the newly announced Hub Sites, and compare and contrast them.​

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