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To watch some our latest webinar recordings, see our Video Resources page. We've covered topics such as Azure AD​ B2B, ​external sharing in Office 365​, extranets in SharePoint and Office 365, ​and many others.

Webinar Trilogy

This past fall we ran a webinar trilogy on Office 365 and Extranets. Check out these webinar pages to learn how to:

  • Connect your ​jedis​ and droids (manage modern team sites, communication sites, and groups)
  • Share beyond your galaxy (Office 365 external sharing)
  • O​pen up the empire (publishing Office 365 websites to external users)​​

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If you're interested in external sharing, check out ​our blog Sharing is All Ab​out Control written by Denesh Sohan,​​ Director of Products. Learn how you can control the options when sharing outside your ​​organization.​​