Webinar: Site Provisioning Automation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tuesday, February 27, 2018​

1 - 2 PM EST​​

Topic: Site Provisioning Automation with PowerApps, Flow, and PowerShell​​

Self-service site requests in SharePoint is a feature that power users want, but administrators often restrict. The problem is that with no governance in place, site sprawl can quickly get out of hand and all sense of governance in a SharePoint installation is gone.

​The answer for many organizations is to restrict SharePoint site creation to IT administrators only. IT then becomes a bottleneck, causing frustration on both sides. Business users, often frustrated by delays, turn to their own shadow IT solutions, or revert back to file shares.

To solve this issue a self-service mechanism is needed that balances governance and automation. Extranet User Manager has published an open source solution that provides the foundation to solve these problems. Highlights of the solution are:

  • SharePoint list to request, track,​ and manage SharePoint site collections and sites, including modern team sites, communication sites, and Office 365 Groups
  • PowerApps form to customize the site request form experience
  • Flow workflow to manage the approval and site creation initiation
  • PowerShell scripts to create the list, populate with existing sites, and ​create new sites
  • Azure Functions to host and run the PowerShell scripts in the cloud
  • Azure Key Vault to securely manage the service credentials​

Let the site provisioning automation do the work for you in site creation!​​ Register for our webinar and learn more about this open source solution from Extranet User Manager.​

Site Provisioning Infographic 

Your extranet should be a seamless portal that allows users inside and outside your corporate network to collaborate and share information with streamlined simplicity. Extranet User Manager is an easy-to-use website application that contains a robust set of administrative and end-user features to enable collaboration with your external users.

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