Guest Expert Webinar: 6 Ways to Get Insights on your Microsoft 365 usage

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microsoft 365

Wednesday, April 20, 2020

12 - 1 PM EDT

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John P. White will be presenting a guest webinar this month with Extranet User Manager. He is the Chief Technical Officer at UnlimitedViz Inc. and a Microsoft MVP with over 22 years of experience, and he will be delivering this webinar on Microsoft 365 Insights.

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You've gotten these questions - how hard was it to answer them? The information is all available, but the best route to the insight is not always obvious. In reality there are multiple ways to report on your usage, each with different strengths and weaknesses. This demo-rich session will highlight 6 different approaches to retrieving and reporting on Microsoft 365 usage information.

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About John P. White

Chief Technical Officer at UnlimitedViz Inc. I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Guelph and am a Microsoft SharePoint MVP. I have spent 22 years in the Information Technology space, and posses a skill set that spans both architecture and development.