Conversation on Teams and Microsoft 365 Governance and Provisioning with Peter Carson and Michal Pisarek

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

12 - 1 PM EDT

Join Microsoft MVPs Peter Carson and Michal Pisarek for an open conversation surrounding Microsoft 365 Governance and Provisioning strategies. Microsoft 365 delivers many valuable communication and collaboration tools, however, with several ways to create Microsoft 365 resources, users are often left confused not understanding what application to use when. 
Peter and Michal will help provide clarity on what they're seeing in the real world with clients who have adopted Microsoft 365 at a rapid pace given the need to work remotely is an extremely high priority for many businesses. As part of the webinar, Peter will discuss recent updates to Extranet User Manager's open source Teams Provisioning solution and Michal will unveil the curtain from a new product offering called Orchestry.
In this webinar, the following topics will be discussed;
  • Intro to Teams Provisioning and Governance Strategies
  •  Importance of establishing a provisioning strategy vs. using OOTB functionalities
  • Templating Teams, Sites and Workspaces
  • Extranet User Manager’s open source Teams Provisioning 
  • Orchestry for Microsoft 365 walkthrough 

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Peter Carson

Peter Carson, President of Extranet User Manager and a Microsoft MVP, is a recognized expert in Office 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. Read Peter's full bio and check out some of EUM's recent articles and blogs for all things Microsoft and extranet related.

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Michal Pisarek

Michal Pisarek, CEO of Orchestry Software is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP, an award that is given to experts in the Microsoft SharePoint community for sharing their passion, technical expertise and real-world knowledge. His passion is in ensuring that SharePoint is seen primarily as a business platform so that organizations can take full advantage of the many capabilities that it offers.