Compliance and Document Collection with External Parties

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

12 - 1 PM EDT

If you've ever used the Request Files feature in OneDrive, you've likely realized how fantastic it is for document collection from different external parties. It is a great solution, however we found it challenging to scale to a structured compliance document collection scenario where you're collecting documents on a recurring basis from external parties. 

Another piece missing is the ability to leverage the full meta-data tagging available from within SharePoint Online. With the request coming in consistently looking for a more robust solution, we collaborated with customers to come up a very user friendly webpart that enabled minimal tagging of documents and let the technology take care of the rest. 

The output from this was the creation of a custom SPFx webpart specifically for document collection. At a high level, the webpart does the following: 

  • SPFx webpart is deployed to the SharePoint site  
  • Users drag and drop one or more documents on the webpart to be uploaded 
  • Subset of library columns can be exposed to easily collect required and optional metadata 
  • Submitted documents are uploaded and posted to a Logic App workflow 
  • File renaming, metadata, security can all be done specific to the business requirements in the Logic App 
  • Uploads to SharePoint library 

This provides a really nice experience for the external user and ensures compliance from a document collection perspective. 

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • Business cases for recurring document collection 
  • SPFx webpart features 
  • Underlying Logic App workflow 
  • External user access provided by Extranet User Manager  


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Peter Carson

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