Open Source Approach to Teams Provisioning

Teams Provisioning

Teams Provisioning

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

12 - 1 PM EDT

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Our transition into using Microsoft Teams was accelerated with the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020. Sound familiar? With the widespread need for organizations to adapt to remote working, we have heard the same challenge from many organizations from all industry sectors. At the same time cyber-security threats have increased, and the need for implementing properly secured solutions has only increased.

Organizations that have made the shift to Microsoft Teams in somewhat of a hurry are grappling with managing Teams as a solution. This involves trying to manage Teams sprawl and eliminate the potential for redundant teams. With this in mind, we have built an open source solution we're implementing for various clients to provide a structured way to request and create teams. This has evolved significantly over the past several years, and we're taking the covers off our latest version here.

In this webinar we will review:

  • Business scenario and the need for governance and templating around Microsoft Teams
  • Overview of the open source solution
    • Request form
    • Templates, approvals, and provisioning
    • A-Z web part for organizing and finding Teams and SharePoint sites
  • Technical updates
    • Moving to Microsoft's new PnP Core libraries
    • AAD authenticated form submissions to the Logic Apps workflow
    • Leveraging Azure AD service principals for modern security in the solution
    • Packaging as an ARM template to make deployment much simpler
  • New features and roadmap
    • Support for Power Automate approval workflows
    • Integrating with Azure AD Access Reviews
    • Management of white-listed domains for external Teams and Sites
    • Requesting additional owners


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Peter Carson

Peter Carson, President of Extranet User Manager and a Microsoft MVP, is a recognized expert in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. Read Peter's full bio and check out some of EUM's recent articles and blogs for all things Microsoft and Extranet related.