Engaging with External Users at Scale with Microsoft 365 and Branded Portals

M365 Branded Portals

M365 Branded Portals

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Engaging with External Users at Scale with Microsoft 365 and Branded Portals Graphic

November 2, 2021

12 – 1 PM EDT

Microsoft 365 has great features for ad-hoc, unstructured sharing of documents through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. How do you scale that up when there are hundreds or thousands of external users that you want to share or collaborate with? This webinar focuses on those scenarios.

Scenarios we'll cover:

  • Member Sites
    • Members of associations, customers, vendors, partners
  • Committee Sites
    • Board of Directors and Committees
  • Data Portals
    • Collect structured data or documents from members
    • Aggregate into data warehouses
    • Present back through Dashboards, Reports, and Data Feeds
  • Document Distribution and Collection
    • Notifications of new documents
    • Tracking of receipt
    • Regular document upload schedule, management, and tracking
  • Training
    • Learning Management Systems for course catalogs and selection
    • E-commerce for course payment

Topics we'll go over:

  • How to template and simplify the creation of these sites
    • Orchestry or Teams Provisioning to make it simple to request, approve, and provision a portal
  • Onboarding of users
    • Public registration, private registration, or invitation only
    • Auto-approvals for known organizations based on email domain
  • Simple meeting workflows for Committee Sites
    • Owner requests a scheduled meeting
    • Teams meeting is setup and workspace is created to populate the agenda and supporting documents
    • Invitations are sent to members
    • Follow-ups and meeting recordings are distributed
  • Leveraging Power BI Embedded for rich Data Portals
  • Using EUM Documents to create workspaces to distribute or collect documents
  • Integration with Desire2Learn, Training Orchestra, Moodle, and LMS365 for training and learning management

The session will cover all of our Extranet User Manager products and a variety of third party ones, but it is primarily a customer case study and review of real-world scenarios that apply to all organizations.

This webinar is part 2 of 2 in a series focusing on Microsoft 365 Lifecycle Management! Be sure to register for Part 1 of this webinar series below!

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