SharePoint Extranet Spring Webinar Series Part 2

Webinar Series EUM 

​Federation and SharePoint On-Premises

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Microsoft SharePoint delivers a secure platform that allows a tailored approach towards achieving business goals with an Extranet. In this Webinar Series, Envision IT will demonstrate how to build a rich user experience for your staff and external partners in your Extranet.

Many organizations with Extranets in the DMZ have concerns over opening ports or setting up trusts to allow internal users to access the Extranet. ADFS federation solves this. Federation can also be used for external users to access the Extranet instead of forms-based authentication, and can include federation to their DMZ accounts, or to external identities such as Microsoft Account, Facebook, Google+, etc. We’ll wrap up with a section on how this can be leveraged for single sign-on to other systems beyond SharePoint.​

​​​ Peter Carson

​About the Speaker​

Peter Carson, President of Extranet ​Us​er Manager and a ​Microsoft MVP, is a recognized exp​ert in Office​ 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. ​Read Peter's full bio and check out the EUM reso​urce section for our latest blogs and​ videos.

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