Here at Extranet User Manager, we always recommend managing users within groups and not the other way around. The reason being, if you are assigning permissions at the individual user level and there is a change in their role at the organization, you then have to individually re-assign those permissions to their replacement. And in some instances there could be a lapse in time from when the replacement user joins the organization. For this purpose, managing users within Groups allows you to assign the permissions to a role and then simply add and remove users from the Group as required. Extranet User Manager even enables you to nest Groups within other Groups so you can get very granular with your group management.

Now dive a bit deeper into EUM's groups by learning more about Public and Private Groups and how they differentiate! Visit the Public Group Live Demo or Private Group Live Demo tabs to try them out for yourself.

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Public Groups

Private Groups

EUM Private groups are exclusive groups that can only be viewed and joined through a private registration link that includes a unique role GUID. Private Groups are fantastic for onboarding scenarios where your organization may not know everyone at the external organization who needs access. EUM generates a single link that an admin can share out via email which can then be dispersed through the external organization. All users who require access self register themselves using the link. Pending whether or not you would like to have an approval for the members, the user may gain access immediately or have to wait for an administrator to approve their membership request.

You can visually see the sample link below which contains the RoleId GUID. The single link below can be shared out to any number of users for them to self register for the Private Group. Go ahead and click the link below to register for the Private Group!

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