Extranet User Manager 4.0.6824.4

Version: 4.0.6824.4

Release Date: September 07, 2018

Download: /SecureDownloads/EIT.EUM.4.0.6824.zip

M365 Branded Portals

M365 Branded Portals

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​​​Release Details​​​​​

New Features

  • Bug Fixes
    • Corrected UPN to be formatted without "-"
    • Ensure UPN and nameidentifier and nameid claims are sent for Office 365
    • If no country is specified when setting Office 365 license, default to Canada
    • Ensure that the MFA Contact Number is nullable in DB for new installs
    • Omit unnecessary calls to Office 365


  • No Database Schema Updates required

Known Issues

  • ​​Issues with Azure B2B Group Assignments. Download previous if you require Azure B2B support. ​