Data Room

Extranet User Manager makes it simple for organizations to manage secure client portals using Microsoft 365. EUM has configured a client portal that functions as a data room for organizations that need to regularly exchange, review and edit content and files with clients. EUM provides Extranet Documents, which relies on SharePoint Online, allowing version history and tagging of documents to stay intact. Efficient permissions management means clients only see content that they need access to, while the business user has a comprehensive view across client groups. The intuitive, clean UI that sits on top of these solutions means clients and administrators only see the documents and status they need to support a focused process. IT is involved at the beginning, ensuring a seamless integration, while the business owner can focus on what really matters: maximizing client satisfaction and minimizing cybersecurity risk.

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Making Microsoft Simple

Extranet User Manager makes Microsoft simple. An exceptional user experience lets businesses connect and collaborate with external stakeholders and maintain Microsoft security. IT is involved at the beginning, ensuring a seamless integration, while the business can focus on what really matters - getting the job done.

Make Microsoft Simple to Manage Permissions, Increase ROI, Improve Cyber Security

July 6, 2023 Webinar

Extranet User Manager's solutions focus on simplifying Microsoft 365 document sharing, collaboration, reporting, forms, workflows, and communities between business and external users. We do this in a way that IT is comfortable that all the great security benefits are still in place while allowing the business to get their work done independently.