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​T​he definitive technical guide on site provisioning, we walk you through the process

This open source solution from Extranet User Manager ​empowers business users to create sites, rather than waiting on IT administrators to complete the site provisioning process. With this foundation in place the solution is completely automated within SharePoint Online, saving users valuable time while also maintaining control over the environment. 

​The high level things covered within this whitepaper include:

  • What prerequisites you need installed to implement this solution​​
  • How to get the project setup
    • Downloading the repository from Git-Hub
    • Setting up the SharePoint Configuration file to manage the env​ironments for testing
    • SharePoint list to request, track, and manage SharePoint site collections and sites, including modern team sites, communication sites, and Office 365 Groups​
  • The final section discusses how to create the sites using PowerApps, Flow, and PowerShell
    • PowerApps form to customize the site request form experience
    • Flow workflow to manage the approval and site creation initiation
    • PowerShell scripts to create the list, populate with existing sites, and create new sites
    • Azure Functions to host and run the PowerShell scripts in the cloud
    • Azure Key Vault to securely manage the service credentials

Download the whitepaper today to receive​ the full technical guide! Extranet User Manager also had a recent webinar, that was ​a part two to the above topics​.​

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Your extranet should be a seamless portal that allows users inside and outside your corporate network to collaborate and share information with streamlined simplicity. Extranet User Manager is an easy-to-use website application that contains a robust set of administrative and end-user features to enable collaboration with your external users.

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