Webinar: Azure B2B

​​​​​​​​Wednesday, November 23, 2016

11:00 A​M - 12:00 PM EST​

At Microsoft Ignite in September, a number of exciting announcements were made in regards to the Azure Business to Business preview program. In particular, the availability of an API to allow customizations to the B2B process was a big deal for Extranet​ User Manager. Leveraging on top of B2B is a key workload that we are now able to further support.​

During this webinar, we will start with an overview​ of the standard features of the Azure B2B experience. From there we will be covering the new features of EUM that we are releasing in November, primarily focusing around further support for Azure B2B. Some of the key highlights will be:

  • Creation of external​ Azure AD accounts through the new B2B API
  • Support for ​consumer email addresses, existing Azure AD partners, and the automated creation of new Azure AD tenants for commercial email domains not yet on Azure AD
  • Full control and customization of the welcome/invitation email sent to new partners
  • Delegation of user and group management and approval to business users without requiring them to access the Azure portal
  • Support for self-registration and approval of partner accounts
  • No licensing in SharePoint Online required for external users coming in through this method

Ca​s​e Study

We already have several clients moving forward as part of our beta program. Associated Engineering (AE) is one of those, and we'll be presenting their case study as part of our webinar. AE is a Canadian engineering company with 900 staff at 21 offices across Canada. They run large, multi-year construction projects involving many different partners and external collaboration is vital to them. Already an Office 365 customer, they are now moving to SharePoint Online, Extranet User Manager, and Azure B2B to achieve the external collaboration they need​​. In addition to ​​allowing staff throughout the organization to invite external users into the site​​ to participate, we are also providing an electronic form and workflow to request and create new collaboration sites. This automates the creation of the site from a template, creates the groups that users are invited to, and sets all the permissions appropriately. This provides greater governance over the whole process, while still being self-service.

EUM and Azure AD B2B  

Your extranet should be a seamless portal that allows users inside and outside your corporate network to collaborate and share information with streamlined simplicity. Extranet User Manager is an easy-to-use website application that contains a robust set of administrative and end-user features to enable collaboration with your external users.

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