Construction & Engineering

Organizations in the Construction and Engineering sector tend to have multiple active projects running in parallel, each of which can involve working with numerous sub-contractors, associations, government bodies and clients. Staying on top of things can be a challenge, but Extranet User Manger has been successful in alleviating many of the management issues surrounding external users.

Some of the common concerns that Extranet User Manager helps address include: 

  • Varied technology and IT skills among organizations and sub-contractors

  • Changing scope and unrealistic expectations

  • Poor communication among project team members

  • Need for real-time data and collaboration to avoid project overruns


The case study below illustrates how Extranet User Manager and Microsoft Azure AD B2B can provide a powerful solution for inviting external partners into Office 365 groups and SharePoint Online sites.


Industry Case Studies

Associated Engineering Manages Projects with Office 365 and Azure AD B2B

“For just one of our projects, we are responsible for providing 150 people across 15 organizations with a stable, shared online workspace for the next 7 years. If, for any reason, the site fails and causes work stoppage, we incur significant financial penalties. We’ve partnered with Envision IT and Microsoft’s Office 365 to ensure this never happens.” Greg Widmeyer Systems Integration Analyst, Associated EngineeringRead more

Other Construction & Engineering companies we've had the privilege to work with:

Associated EngineeringBabcock InternationalTechnipJ.F. Brennan

Montgomery County Constellation Homebuilder Systems Grontmij Flynn 

Pinchin Walker Industries Geosyntec Consultants 

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