The Pharmaceutical industry has experienced a patient-centric shift. In most organizations, the primary focus is on individual patient's wellness, and in finding ways to collaborate and work with patients leveraging the adaptations in technology. This shift does not stop with patients, but extends to collaborations with suppliers -- while still adhering to the ever-changing government regulations that surround the Pharmaceutical industry.

Some of the common concerns that Extranet User Manager helps address include:  

  • External applicants in drug trials need secure access to track their progress within a trial program

  • Secure access to patient portals that are mobile friendly, and provide seamless access to patient specific information


Take a look at the in-depth case studies below and find out how Extranet User Manger is helping create better experiences in the Pharmaceutical industry.


Industry Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

"User management is never easy, especially when moving from an on-premises solution to public cloud; however EUM's unique approach to guest access management made our transition near seamless. With the addition of custom integrations with our line of business applications, users only needed to learn one system further contributing to our project's success." 
Ryan Hayden, Director of Cloud Infrastructure & Cybersecurity, 
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Read more

Other Pharmaceutical companies we've had the privilege to work with:

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PHARMA Case Study 
View the full case study on the work we did for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
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