Office 365 and Extranets: A Webinar Trilogy

​​​Webinar Trilogy

Connect Jedis​ and Droids

Managing Modern Sites and Office 365 Groups​

October 24, 2017

Want to allow your team members to create sites and groups, but keep the environment from getting out of control? We'll show you a simple site provisioning process to automate this so users can request a site, have it approved, and it is automatically created.

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Share Beyond Your Galaxy​​​

Office 365 External Sharing​

November​ 7, 2017

Your users will find a way to share externally, so learn how to securely and effectively use your Office 365 environment to share and collaborate. We can further improve this process by utilizing our Extranet User Manager product.​​​

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Open up the ​Empire​

Publishing Office 365 Websites to External Users​

November 28, 2017​​​

​​In some scenarios, you need to publish content to a broad external audience. ​This can be common for the health and education industries. We'll demonstrate both a public and private example of when and how ​​you would want to do this.​​​

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May the cloud be with you!​​


​​ Peter Carson

​About the Speaker​

Peter Carson, President of Extranet ​Us​er Manager and a ​Microsoft MVP, is a recognized exp​ert in Office 365, SharePoint, and Extranet strategies. ​Read Peter's full bio and check out the EUM reso​urce section for our latest blogs and​ videos.